Mabio Make up Removing Balm, a Sought after Product

Your skin has emotions and ability to speak not verbally but for sure  louder than words by showing all the signs like happy glowing skin against a sad dull skin.

Here‘s what it would react like

1) Going to bed without removing the makeup:
Poor skin left with no alternative but suffocation and pity. Crying all night please get that shield off, I need to breath.
2) Not following the right routine for makeup removal:
Skin feels like its choked. Want that dirt, oil and the makeup residue to be out.
3) Just using a face wash to remove the makeup:
Skin needs to work harder as it has to repairs and renews itself overnight and become vibrant but finally it’s a tired skin.

So if you are waiting for something best to happen to your makeup skin? What best it would be to get a clean, clear, glowing and breathing skin post the removal.

Mabio Cleansing Balm alias Makeup remover is the best thing that can happen to your skin. The skin really doesn’t satisfy with just water/oil based removers or face wash. The skin needs to be cleansed more deeply. The latest matte, transfer proof, water proof and the heavy makeup skin needs a cleansing balm which will leave the skin deeply cleansed, nourished, moisturised and glowing for the next application.

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