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Charcoal soap is known to be an excellent cleanser and exfoliator. Charcoal has the property of an adsorbent thus it is known to wipe out bacteria, dirt and impurities. Tea tree oil in the soap makes it a good antibacterial agent too.

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90 gm


Charcoal, Glycerin, Tea Tree Oil


Formulated with charcoal, glycerin and tea tree oil, this soap is an excellent exfoliator. The activated charcoal draws out toxins from the body leaving it clean and tea tree oil prevents skin infections and allergies. This handmade charcoal soap provides nourishment and moisturisation making the skin soft and supple. It reduces acne as it absorbs excess oil by deeply cleansing and reducing large pores. It is ideal for daily use.


Apply on the wet body and massage to form lather. Rinse with water. Pat dry with towel.

7 reviews for Charcoal Soap

  1. Nitin Gadre

    The use of this soap reduced the acne and worked best oinm the pores

  2. Kamaljeet Shah

    Helped fight the long affected infection on my skin

  3. Harshad Gelada

    Was always allergy to few soap brands in the market. Usage of this soap didn’t give any allergy

  4. Kiran Kulkarni

    Makes the skin soft and supple

  5. Bhavish Agarwal

    Must try . Something new and worth a buy again

  6. Jagmohan

    Nourishment given to the skin by this soap is too good. Feels like a new skin on my body


    Mabio charcoal Soap makes the skin clear and flawless

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