Single Cure for All Hair Problems: Mabio Mahabhringadi Oil

Be the person to fix  your own crown and look beautiful, confident, happy and joyful.

The crown you wear, the crown you carry all the day long. And its you who can make or break. Your hair is your crown.

To make it all you need is hair care regime: Time, The right product and Self Love. Time and Self Love is what we need from you, right product is taken care off.

Mabio Mahabringhraj Tailam is considered as Keshraj (king of hair) formulated from more than 10 ayurvedic herbs (Bhringraj, Manjistha, Padmak, Lodhra, Rakta Chandan, Suvarna Gairik, Bala, Haridra, Nagkesar, Priyangu, Mulethi, Prapoundarik, Sariva).

Bhringraj is a centuries-old Ayurvedic herb whose oil is the most beneficial for boosting hair health. The other herbs add more value to the product and the application sure to give best results.

Here’s how rewarding its going to be to follow the Mabio Hair Care Regime with Mabio Mahbhringaraj Tailam:

● Preserves overall hair health making the hair healthy, strong, and lustrous. Better Hair Nourishment.
● Moisturizes and treats dry scalp and helps reduce dandruff and flaking.
● Has a soothing effect on scalp and helps relieve headache.
● Boosts The Hair Growth. Curbs Baldness And Hair Fall.
● Treat Dry Hair & Split Ends.


And whats the regime like: Massage Mabio Mahabringaraj Tailam gently on the scalp for 5-10 minutes in the morning. Keep it on for an hour or so. Then wash with mild shampoo.

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