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A comprehensive hygiene solution for the private parts that removes sweat, bad odour, and balances pH levels. It is formulated, keeping in mind that men intimate hygiene is also of great importance. The best hygiene care for keeping male intimate areas clean and fresh.

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100 ml


DM Water, Suganate, Natural Betaine, Erylite, Soyethyl Morpholinium Ethosulfate, Cocamidopropyl Pg-dimonium Chloride Phosphate, 2-phenoxy Ethanol


Hygene Wash is a gentle and skin-friendly male intimate wash for the daily hygiene of intimate areas. Keeps the intimate area pH balanced. The ingredients used are very mild and help in cleansing, moisturising and nourishing the intimate area. It eliminates all lubricant and condom residues from the intimate area. Using intimate wash regularly inhibits bacterial growth and keeps the area fresh and clean.


Pour a small amount of intimate wash onto your clean hand or washcloth, lather up on your genitals and rinse well with water. Pat it dry. Use while showering daily.

8 reviews for Hygiene Wash

  1. Viraj Shah

    It smells really great and the scent remains for a long time too

  2. Raj Raje

    It’s a great alternative to using soap for intimate area. I also recommend using it more often

  3. Pratemesh Kirane

    It could address my problem of itching in the intimate areas

  4. Nilesh Ramteke

    it’s help to prevent unpleasant odur in int in intimate area and has nice fragrance

  5. Subodh Mehta

    Excellet product. Tried it today and it does what it says. No foul smells at all . This is an ideal place for bacteria to breed, especially with the addition of sweat in the area.

  6. Rajendra Mehta

    The Mabio Hygiene wash is good for clearing the sensitive body parts Fresh and good fragrance

  7. Ali Kanorewala

    Excellent personal hygiene products.Must buy product. For that extra care of those sensitive body parts

  8. Vijay Singh

    I ordered Mabio hygiene wash for the first time , by only using it twice, it does what it says. I was suffering from itchiness and foul smell, but after using it i was relieved from both the problems.

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