Mahabhringaraj Tailam

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Mahabhringraj Tailam is formulated from more than 10 ayurvedic herbs. It makes the hair healthy, strong, and lustrous. Moisturizes and treats dry scalp and hair to reduce dandruff and flaking

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200 ml


Bhringraj, Manjistha, Padmak, Lodhra, Rakta Chandan, Suvarna Gairik, Bala, Haridra , Nagkesar, Priyangu, Mulethi, Prapoundarik, Sariva


Mahabhringraj Tailam has sesame oil as base that soaks in all the medicinal qualities from the herbs after maceration making it effective to preserve overall hair health. Prevents and treats premature greying of hair. Has a soothing effect on scalp and helps relieve headaches and stiffness in head due to cold.


Take a reasonable amount of hair oil and apply on the scalp with your fingertips. Massage it gently for 5-10 minutes in the morning. Keep it on for an hour or so. Then wash with mild shampoo.

10 reviews for Mahabhringaraj Tailam

  1. Richa Rai

    For long was struggling to get a perfect solution for my dry hair texture .With a months use this oil has helped my hair become soft. Awating for making them healthy

  2. Suman Shinde

    Just the right solution for getting the hairfall controlled. Also got better hair quality

  3. Rupali Deshmukh

    With 2 weeks of using Mahabhrigraj Tailam got amazing results. Complete hairfall stop.

  4. Vivek Dsouza

    Mahabhrigraj Tailam is too good to solve all your hair problems.

  5. Vrinda Kedari

    Using Mahabhrigraj Tailam for last to months.Got so used to it because of the softness and the luster it leaves in the hair

  6. Sonal Oberoi

    It’s been really worth using spending on Mahabhrigraj Tailam. Got my hair quality back to normal.

  7. Sufiya Khan

    Had lost my hair shine and health because of continuous use of borewell (hard water) .It’s this oil which has given me the desired quality of hair.

  8. Anees Ahmed

    Used Mahabhrigraj Tailam for hair growth and density. Started seeing new hair growth near the scalp after a months use.

  9. Jayashree Shah

    Manageable ,soft and shiny hair .After using Mahabhrigraj Tailam

  10. Purandare Saloni

    Thank you Team Mabio for amazing hair care products. Especially the Mahabhrigraj Tailam.

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