Reign – Solid Perfume

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Reign – Solid Perfume is vibrant, clean and understated classic and citrus Aromatic fragrance. Top notes are Citruses and Mint; middle notes are Juniper Berries and Basil; base notes are Musk and Ambergris.

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12 gm

9 reviews for Reign – Solid Perfume

  1. Pankaj Pandey

    The Reign Solid perfume has a strong citrus and mint fragrance which makes it vibrant

  2. Prakash Nagar

    it’s has a rich and delicate scent

  3. Praveen Pathania

    The fragrance that stays a day long .

  4. Ragunandan Kolkarni

    My sweat smell makes a person dead but this perfume when put on to die for

  5. Pawan Tiwari

    No body odour even after a day long with it on

  6. Rahul Kumar

    This perfume doesn’t change it aroma even after keeping it day long

  7. Rodriks

    This skin feels richly perfumed

  8. Rajesh Kumar

    It’s so easy to use and carry

  9. Sahil Sharma

    First time I bought a solid perfume and I am impressed

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