3 in One (Shampoo / Facewash / shower gel)

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Mabio 3-in-1 Face wash, shower gel and shampoo is a great product who isn’t a great fan of multiple products lying on their shelves. The 3-in-1 product would instantly give you a refreshing boost that would leave you feeling clean and nourished.

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200 ml


DM Water, Castile Soap, Coco Dl Ethanol Amide, Cocoaminoprorpylbutaine, sodium Pca, Propylene Glycol, 2-phenoxy Ethanol


Mabio 3-in-1 Facewash/ Shower gel/ Shampoo keeps your face, body and hair clean and nourished. It cleanses your face with Vitamin E, condition. It removes dirt and dust from the face and keeps the face clean. Exfoliates the impurities of the body and keeps it clean and nourished. As a shampoo, it cleanses the scalp and moisturises the hair. Prevents hair fall and strengthens the shaft.


Apply to wet face, skin and hair, work into a lather, and rinse.

9 reviews for 3 in One (Shampoo / Facewash / shower gel)

  1. Suraj Kamthe

    Just go for it. Excellent product.

  2. Raj Bharathi

    Amazing cleanser along with it moisturising and nourishing effect after application

  3. Srawan Ravi

    Best combo hair,face and body wash. Found it very convenient for travelling.

  4. Virendra Shinde

    Easy to carry it’s one of the best combo product.

  5. Santosh Patil

    loved it as a shampoo and body wash .Kept the skin moisturised and also the hair

  6. Machindra Raje

    Keep the body ,hair and face well moisturized.

  7. Suresh Bang

    Good to keep the body,hair and face clean and nourished

  8. Abhijeet Kulkarni

    Though its a combo wash it’s really shown great result on my hair. Stopped hair loss and strengthen the hair

  9. Prafulla Medhi

    I really didn’t fancy having 3 different products on my bath shelves . So bought this doubting its usage. But really happy to see that it works equally well on hair ,face and body.

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