Desire – Attar

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Spiced elements that can uplift your mood and work on your overall feeling of delight. Its top note contains bergamot, apple, lemon and neroli while heart notes contain rose and teakwood. A spiced fragrance boosts mood and improves self-confidence by keeping you smelling good during the day. The lavish touch in fragrance is a standard raiser.

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10 ml

8 reviews for Desire – Attar

  1. Swati Mitkari

    Uplifts your mood and works on your overall feeling of delight

  2. Shubhangi doshi

    Boosts mood and improves self-confidence .

  3. Dipali Deshmukh

    A spiced fragrance I just love it.

  4. Krishna Shinde

    A real standard raiser with a lavish feeling

  5. Rinky Anthony

    Stays long keeping you smelling day long

  6. Sarathi Padmanabhan

    Good mood uplifter for a day long freshness

  7. Shabana Khan

    Desire Attar by Mabio has the fresh fragrance who want to be the center of attraction

  8. Pooja Singh

    I am glad I found this product that gives a lovely fragrance

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