Zesty Glee – Solid Perfume

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An exciting fragrance with floral, fruity, energetic, feminine notes. The fragrance has a strong, pleasant, somewhat spicy aroma.

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12 gm

10 reviews for Zesty Glee – Solid Perfume

  1. Archana Jayendra

    Mabio Zesty Glee makes you more attractive and confiident

  2. Shagufta Anwar

    Lovely ,floral ,fruity and feminine notes which loved a lot

  3. Anjuman Shaikh

    Loved it’s spicy , strong and pleasant aroma

  4. Anubha Garg

    So convenient to carry and used. Rub the perfume on the smell sensitive area and done

  5. Neha Lakhani

    An exclusive odor capturing formula that helps one retain the refreshing scent for a longer time.

  6. Sonali Paul

    Feels fresh ,smells good and stays longer

  7. Anuradha Thorat

    It help eliminate odors while keeping your skian comfortable and sweat-free, the perfumes help you fight bad smell

  8. Sonu Makhijani

    Superb travel friendly can carry it any where one wants and smells good

  9. Reena Suresh

    . I try a lot of perfumes and i can surely say that it is not a rwegular smell, but its unique. Absolutely awsome.

  10. Kejal Rathod

    What unique warm smell this has

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